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New product profile

New product profile

Dance Together@home is a program designed for you and your exclusive private dance coaching in your own home or the place of your choice. Comfortably adapted, in the right intensity and the appropriate level of performance, but above all in a pleasant, discreet atmosphere, we design together your individual long-term concept. From the beginner to the competitive athlete, whether couple dance, solo performance or ® Zumba, (but also in pairs or in a small groups), we take the time to your personal needs, desires and goals (such as: the development of more security and self-confidence at the next social dance event, increased fitness and aesthetics, etc.) and to pracitse and train them regularly.

Method and content:
– Free first meeting
– Motor Dance(Sports)-screening
– Fun and motivation
– Flexible times
– Duration and price o. A.
– Conception and training planning
– Differential Training Design (© AIM Model)
– Rhythm training and choreography
– Body awareness training
– Mental techniques, tools and tips
– Feedback with video analysis
– Etiquette and standards on the dance floor
– Time-saving
– Flexible
– Stress-free
– Healthy
– Comfortable
– Continuously
– Possible without a fix dance partner
– No additional costs
– No membership
– Adequate space
– Painless health
– Seriousness
– Age of Majority
– Signed consent form
– Motivation for movement and dance

Some of the motivations to integrate dance into everyday life and to experience the health benefits in a familiar environment in this way are: You train strength, flexibility and balance, but also the ability to relax and your social interaction. According to scientific studies, dancing improves our brain function, stabilizes the back muscles and stimulates the cardiovascular system. The soothing and balancing effect of dancing is ideal for hyperactive and stressed people. In combination with a healthy diet we find the perfect balance for a harmonious lifestyle. Performing this physical activity predominantly at a fixed time and at a defined location, similar to yoga, supports the motivation for regular practice.


“I always have my dancing shoes with me, and You?”