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Michael Schmalzbauer

Michael Schmalzbauer

Dance Professional & Movement Analyst
"when quality is your choice."

Dance: “… the dance, in all its facets, is so endlessly comprehensive, fascinating, but also formative. To me, it is the most beautiful, creative, and artistic portrayal of human feelings, emotions, and passion.”

Professional: “… to me it is not just a job, but a calling… the joy of recognizing and supporting the unique potential of each individual, thus being able to respond to their wishes and goals, is my most powerful drive and motivation. ”

Movement: “… life is constantly in motion … the observation and confrontation with the changes in life, the development of personalities and the beauty of nature, embody the true meaning of being.”

Analyst: “… Curiosity, inquisitiveness, and the pursuit of knowledge are imperative in order to be able to take apart complex things and then, in your own way, to reunite them with awareness and form something whole and complete … the “more understanding” of dance and movement and the questions that come up provoke in me the necessary respect for this matter, in order to be able to ultimately develop the skills characteristic for a true “master”.”

DaProMovA (to be pronounced “The Pro Mover”) = an amalgamation of the first letters from “Dance Professional & Movement Analyst”. The use of this abbreviation not only serves the purpose of reducing the amount of writing and speaking, but also represents the fun side of my attitude towards dance and movement.


Academic background

1992 – 2000    Federal Realgymnasium in Vienna

2001                Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics

As of 2007          Sports science at the University of Vienna

As of 2015          Theater, Film and Media sciences


Special vocational training and expertise

1990    English language course (Oxford C1)

2002    Seminar Teambuilding ARGO

2006    Wellness & Health Trainer – Vitalakademie Wien

2007    Nutritional Expert – Vitalakademie Wien

2007    State-certified lecturer for “General body education” BSPA Linz

2007    U26 Youth Sports Manager training BSO

2008    MFT® Bodyteamwork Master Trainer

2010    Stage dancer at the Broadway Dance Academy

2011    State-certified trainer for dancesport by ÖSTV – BSPA Vienna

2012    Zumba® Instructor

2012    DanceSport judge of the Austrian DanceSports Federation ÖTSV

2013    State-certified dance teacher (Association of Dance Teachers in Austria VTÖ)

2014    Spiraldynamik® – Basic course

2016    DanceSport formation judge of the Austrian DanceSports Federation ÖTSV

2017    State-certified dance master (Association of Dance Teachers in Austria VTÖ)

2017    Educational Trip to Cuba (“Cuban Experience”)

2017    PROCEDOS Platform 9 Trainer


Dance-specific achievements and projects

2002    Austrian Champion in Latin-American dances

2006    Viennese Champion in Latin-American dances

2007    IDO EM Graz                    1st place – Electric Boogie Duo (European Champion)

2007    IDO WM Bremen            4th place – Electric Boogie Duo


As of 2011      Teaching various dance styles in Austrian dance sports clubs and educational institutions

Dec 2012    Dance trainer in the People’s Republic of China


2010    Co-founder of the project “Dance Sport School Austria”

2012    Launch of own scientific project “Mobius Kinetics”

2014    Launch of own project “Spiraldynamik® in Couple Dancing”

2016    Founding of the show dance project “Dance CharActers”


Additional dance interests and skills

Since 2012    Tango Argentino (private lessons with Germano Milite)

Since 2013    Gyrotonic / kinesis and ballet (private lessons with Jana Palanova)


Director Dance CharActers


“Tanzsportmedizin – Handbook for Dancers, Trainers, Therapists and Doctors” Eileen M. Wanke


Professional background

Since 2011 state-certified club trainer of TSK Black and White, Vienna

  • Individual age- and level-specific training of competitive dancers
  • Long-term training and development concepts for competitive dancers
  • Coaching and support of competitive dancers

Since 2013 state-certified dance teacher at Dance School Heidenreich, Vienna

  • Teaching of various social dance styles corresponding to the age and skill level
  • Competent support of the clients in their social dance and leisure endeavors
  • Mediation of cultural values and patterns in the social sphere