Dance & Movement Library

First of all, I would like to answer the question if I have read ALL those books? Yes I have!

Although we live in a time when information is so easily accessible through the Internet, and thus one can also save space and manage the knowledge digitally, a real library filled with books, which one can touch, smell, and feel their physical presence, has always had a very special charm on me.

My own reading space, combined with a cozy work area, in which I can always go back to find peace and inspiration, which makes it possible to simply enjoy a scientific book or a novel in seclusion, in the times of smartphones, tablets, e-books and so on, creates a very special to me living atmosphere.

Why is education important to me?

My work demands to be always up-to-date and to know a lot about the emerging and historical development of dancing, in order to be able to offer professional and authentic training contents. Therefore, I am constantly looking for qualitative contents and new sources of information to expand my knowledge and repertoire.

In order to get a better overview of my collection of writings and an insight into various aspects of my workspace, I have decided to present here some publications (with view of the correct lawful way of exploitation and authorship), own presentations, and articles (some of them also available for download), as well as my digital library.

“Libraries are the treasury of the human mind.” – Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz

The “intellectual” treasury of my dreams would look like this…


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