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    “when quality is your choice.”

    Here you can find out more about my professional career and dance background, expertise, training, qualifications, and interests. What does DaProMovA stand for and which projects am I passionate about and what else enriches my life?

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Get to know me personally


Of course, it is very difficult to describe yourself in a truthful manner – one always wants to present themselves in a good light.

However, through this interactive tool, you will learn a lot about me and will find out WHY and HOW I am doing WHAT I do.

If you would like more information about any of these points, apart from my Service, I would gladly take the time to discuss them in detail with you. Just contact me by mail at or phone at +43 676 490 80 83 in order to arrange a non-binding meeting, so we get to know each other.


“I only know what cold is like when I have experienced what hot is! Although I like exploring the limits in order to expand my horizons to the “internal” and the “external”, I always try to find the balance and harmony in the middle. Based on this, the truth for me lies in bringing both aspects closer together.”


“Meeting unique characters and personalities, exchanging ideas and vision with them, but most of all learning what moves you, is what motivates me, nurtures my hunger for knowledge and shapes my educational goals.”


“My goal is to inspire people and take them where they feel at home. Through dancing and my approach to movement I strive to open the door to new insights; to strengthen your own perception and contentment and provide access to the autodidact appropriation of topics.”


“I love to engage myself in movement, learn in an autodidactic way, listen attentively to the music and discover its characteristics. In the creative fusion of different styles, I combine and express my dance choreographic form and emotional content.”


“The human body, as an expression medium with its unique form and substance, fascinates and impresses me. To recognize body aesthetics and geometrical structures and provide contents, defines my creativity and my broad-spectrum interests as an artist.”


“The understanding for the small, as well as the big things of life is my catalyst. Whether space or quantum, everything is mysterious and interesting. The constant questioning, the building of
hypotheses and the curiosity for the material and the non-material are the foundations of my empirical research.”

Reaching Goals Together


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I teach dancers on all levels on a daily basis – from beginners to advanced, in individual, couple, or group lessons – in accordance with the training philosophy that I created called © AIM model. Through my expertise as a state-certified dance coach (ÖTSV) and dance master (VTÖ), as well as my experience as a performance artist and founder of a dance ensemble, I teach ballroom dancing, mental and strategic guidance in dance sport, dance theory and body work, dance-specific music theory and basic knowledge about dance and movement.

In order to make it easy for you to grasp, understand, and be able to reproduce the content of the dance in a long-term perspective, I use systematically reproducible tools according to the individual type of learner that you are. A clear verbal communication (auditory aspect), combined with the method of active movement demonstration and imitation (visual / motoric aspect), with precise hands-on techniques (tactile – kinesthetic), is important to me. Feedback, consultation, and a joint discussion (communication exchange aspect) about the learned topics, as well as concrete exercise instructions and the plan for our next lesson, complete the learning process.

The joint development of different didactic-methodical concepts is a result of the combination between my activities for various training institutions on a national and international level.

In order to find out details contents-wise, refer to section MY PRODUCT LINE (Private Lesson). For further information on the scope of activities I engage in, continue exploring MY SERVICES section.


Dance movement is based on simple, mechanically coordinated basic actions that are organized in a defined temporal and qualitative relation with one another, thus enabling an economic movement flow and creating a functionally aesthetic form. Those dance figures built up from these basic actions or combined movement patterns can be put together into attractive choreographies in a variety of ways within the framework of the technical characteristics of the corresponding dance style. Each dance (style) has its own movement vocabulary and its rules regarding presentation and performance.

In addition to striving to perfect the form of the dancers’ sequences, the requirement for quality involves substantial analysis of the dance movement stylistic. However, just a form or an aesthetic movement without meaning and contents, is nothing more than merely kitsch. Whether the goal is to convey a traditional-classical, contemporary-abstract, avant-garde-extravagant or artistic-polarizing thematic message, choreography should always contain with a message for the viewer; this is my personal vision and criterion for a touching and powerful choreography.

Check out for some of my group and show choreographies.


The first step in the development of a successful coaching concept is to ask yourself the question WHY you are doing a certain dance project, or WHY you want to build a dance (sport) career, or WHY you and your partner want to pursue this particular goal. The next step is to answer the question: “HOW do I / we imagine our cooperation?” So we can define the framework of our joint interaction. The WHAT in the implementation is the last step, the step of open communication and mutual trust. The confidence in qualitative mentoring, however, is never a result from the intensity of a single supervised unit, but is manifested only in the sum of many small actions, combined with a broad spectrum of approaches, over a period of time.

How are you today?

Do you have any deep concerns?

Do you still enjoy your exercises and training?

Does the plan still meet your needs and goals?

Are we coming closer to our common goal or have we already reached it?

I am looking forward to working with you towards developing single, couple or team coaching solutions, through of cyclic training, competitive dance plans, defined methods and training content, as well as structures for certain topic practice.


Together with private and group lessons, lecturing is the third most common form of information sharing in dancing. Of course, some topics are more suitable for practical training, but it is also important to provide theoretical information through lectures, as an alternative approach. This form of presentation serves to make the learning of the dancers adaptable, to address different types of learning and to complement existing pedagogical concepts.

On one hand, theoretical lectures promote an intellectual exploration of the relevant topic by usage of more detailed and additional background information, and on the other hand – they provoke writing down and documenting the information for a later reflection.

Within my wide range of services, there are presentation topics like historical backgrounds in dance, dance characteristics, musical basics, as well as sports science mental training and competition content in the sense of sport-specific requirement profiles.

On my download platform, I have provided some of my presentations. Kindly review the copyright notice, please.

Short instructional videos and further information about my brand can also be found on my YouTube channel.


I often cooperate with companies, clubs and educational institutions, and support them in organizing team buildings, take care of their employees ‘/students’  health, physical and mental fitness, and motivation through suitable dance and sports programs.

In the form of a supervised workshop or within a defined period of time, I provide meaningful assistance to dance and sports projects through sharing advice and ideas, with the help of convenient communication means via online conferences, social media, or telephone conversation.

Further, my expertise allows me to support TV, film, and music projects, as well as assistance in directing private productions or public broadcasting formats.


By being a judge of the Austrian DanceSport Federation (ÖTSV), I have the honor and responsibility to evaluate the performance of dance athletes. In this capacity, one has the opportunity to indirectly shape the sport and its development through the personal feedback. This requires continuous education and engagement with the relevant matters, including thorough knowledge of the evaluation criteria of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). In order to be able to decide responsibly and honestly on the basis of the given guidelines, it is necessary to have technical competences, perception qualities, ability to make decisions and a clear, objectivity, and impartial manner.

Maybe you would also like to receive personal feedback regarding your dance performance according to my quality standards?

Comparative feedback on the selection of candidates for auditions, castings, and stage performances is also within my area of expertise. I am able to identify potentials, general condition prerequisites, but also recognize mental and emotional stability, will, motivation and commitment, based on years of scouting experience.

Educational Philosophy
Educational Philosophy
  • ©The AIM-Model

  • ©The AIM-Model


  • ©The AIM-Model


  • ©The AIM-Model


  • Arise Intelligence in Motion – Model

    The “Arise Intelligence in Motion” Model, in short AIM-Model, with its three correlated components (A) Knowing – (B) Sensing – (C) Performing, describes my personal educational philosophy with a goal to develop an individual self-organized movement intelligence.

    Movement Intelligence = conscious situational sensorimotor adaptation to the surrounding conditions.

    Although each individual component can be observed as equal and isolated for itself, the dancer achieves the desired quality and satisfaction only through their combination and interaction. “What I know, I can learn to feel – what I feel, I can express – I always want to know more about what I express…”
    Therefore, I offer a PROGRESSIVE LEARNING PATH, resulting from many years of empirical experience, which is based on the natural, functional, and rhythmic human walking, as well as biomechanical parameters. This approach allows through the following aesthetic-characteristic techniques, to design and make own interpretations and can be followed by individual and autodidactic methods corresponding to the unique path of learning.

    Dance Nomenclature, Origin and Meaning
    Biomechanics – Techniques – Movement characteristics
    Movement repertoire and Choreography
    Dance and Music Theory – Rhythm Training
    Dance Anatomy and Holistic Body Concepts
    History and Philosophy of Dance
    Career Coaching – Mental Techniques – Training Design

    (Click on the white arrow on the side to learn more about each component.)

  • Knowing

    “Knowing”: In order to be able to make conscious decisions “live” (in a certain situation), it is necessary to bring about the intellectual discussion to question the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of each movement or action. On the basis of facts and principles, as well as the knowledge of the processes in the human body, one chooses a particular movement with a certain form for a defined purpose, according to their personal pool of experience. However, in order to understand the essence of the dance in its complexity, it is not enough to make a basic historical research; a continuous, targeted training, and an interest in additional various dance styles, trends, and alternative body concepts are also of utter importance. Music, intuition (feeling and emotion), experience as well as the repertoire of stored movement patterns are catalysts of making a conscious movement decision. The form of a particular movement pattern is always a compromise between a naturally functional and aesthetically designed performance. → → →

  • Sensing

    “Sensing”: Our 5 senses are a gift from nature. Nevertheless, one must not only be able to sense the aroma! The continuous training to hear the musical contents as well as the development of an optic and tactile kinesthetic feeling for the relationship between space and time is essential for the internal “kinesphere” or surroundings-related rhythmic movement sequences. The improvement of body perception is fundamental to advancing the technical skills in the corresponding dance style. A distinctive technique as a means to reach a particular purpose combines perfect balance, musical execution of the movement and the connection with the environment (floor, dance partner, audience, judge). Anthropometry, constitution, and universal biomechanical movement principles together with the coordination of active and passive movement structures and their infinite degrees of freedom, create a distinctive hybrid movement style. → → →

  • Performing

    “Performing “: the nature of it can be defined as the expression of a movement to musical background in the form of dance. The passionate exploration of art, culture, sports and entertainment are important factors for the pursuing of the dancers’ goals (mental and / or sports). The perfect execution of routines, as well as the effort of each dancer to develop a wide variety of movements, requires an individual career planning with regard to the corresponding qualifications profile. The implementation of discipline-specific training and learning methods (e.g. differential learning approaches such as improvisation or learning through “trial-error”) must be equally integrated into the training process with the psychological sensitization (e.g. enjoyment of the movement, team spirit, self-assessment) as an intervention tool against conflict and negativity.

Whatever you may need – just a click away

MY P(rivat)RODUCT L(esson)INE

Whether you are a competitive dancer in need of career coaching or you enjoy dancing as a leisure activity, or would like to have a choreography created for your special event… I will do what it takes to make it work according to your prefernces

Competitive Dancing

45min /unit

Book a private lesson corresponding to your level: beginner (D- / C-class), intermediate (B- / A-class), advanced (S-class / professional division)

  • Beginner Level

    Basics & Fundamentals

    Includes a systematic build-up of all basic actions, positions in the couple, and dance characteristics. Learn the relevant dance nomenclature and the contents of the basic competitive choreography. Get acquainted with the structural and physical condition requirements, as well as dance sport regulations and etiquette relevant to your future career. Develop your basic technical skills and recognize the basic parameters of dance music.
  • Intermediate Level

    Variation in Movement & Music

    Explore the possibilities to understand and be able to execute different interpretations of the basic elements with regard to music, dynamics, and shape. Get guidance to improve the quality of the couple and refine your technical skills.
  • Advanced Level

    Development Of Individual Skills

    Explore the possibilities to understand and be able to execute different interpretations of the basic elements with regard to music, dynamics, and shape. Get guidance to improve the quality of the couple and refine your technical skills.

*Guaranteed response within 12 hours! Career coaching upon request

Social Dancing

45min /unit or

Book a block of 10 units (prepayment cash or by bank transfer) and get the 11th unit GRATIS – also available as a stylish gift voucher!

  • Steps & Choreo

    Easy or unique figures

    I enjoy teaching at every level, so whether you’re a beginner or already advanced, or you want to improve your skills from the dance school, learn a few interesting moves, or just to spice up your favorite figures with some spectacular poses, lines or even lifts.. I will support you and you will shine like a star on your next practice or social dance party.
  • Functional Dancing

    Tools & Technique

    At the center of this type of lesson is the mediation of reproducible technical tools with regard to health, functional, and aesthetic aspect. Individual movements are analyzed in their organic nature and then logically developed. “Beautiful dancing is pleasing to the eye.”
  • Music, Feeling & Crossover

    Combining different styles

    Learn methods of perception training, approaches to dance-specific bodywork and expand your musical knowledge. Understand the principles of “leading” and “following”, and develop skills to “feel” and communicate with your partner. With my help, learn how to combine different dance styles and create your own movement characteristics.

*Lessons can be cancelled free of charge no later than 24 hours before the appointment

Customized Dancing

90min /units

Special package price tailored to fit your wishes, ideas, and needs and… many surprise extras

  • Wedding Dance

    Music – Theme – Choreography

    You would like to prepare the traditional wedding waltz or something very extraordinary – unique and unforgettable, totally fitting to your taste? Together, we design your individual choreography, your own “Wedding Dance”! I will combine your favorite songs, your personal story, and your most beautiful moments, right up to the emotional marriage proposal. We will take the time to prepare for your special day in a relaxed atmosphere, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Ball, Event & Party

    In view of the occation

    You want to be perfectly prepared for the birthday party of a friend, the company celebration, or for one of the numerous balls? Everyone can dance, if they would like to! I guarantee, we go stress-free and enjoying every step of the way to becoming a “Dancing Star”, while having fun!
  • Show & Presentation

    Motto – Art & Act – Performance

    Do you want to create a fantastic performance with the support of experienced background dancers? Or maybe you are just looking for a professional ensemble for your event: I would readily assist you with the artistic presentation of your product, slogan, and vision through relevant choreography and costumes. I also enjoy being involved myself, as a performance artist, for selected projects!

*In case of cancellation, 50% of the price is due.

  • Wei-Ken LiaoWei-Ken LiaoDancer – Singer – Actor – Choreographer @weikendoit

    Michael und ich sind seit Jahren gut befreundet und im Laufe Karriere ist mir nie ein Tänzer und Coach begegnet, der so analytisch und körperbewusst arbeitet wie er. Abgesehen von seinen tänzerischen Fähigkeiten, liegen seine Stärken auch in der Kommunikation und seinem Charisma. Er achtet in Choreografien sehr stark auf jene Art von Qualität, die schlussendlich den Tanz zur Kunst ausmachen. Das ist unglaublich wertvoll.

  • Celine SchrenkCeline SchrenkMiss Austria 2017

    “Ich hab Michael als total sympathischen, lieben, charmanten und aufrichtigen Menschen kennenlernen dürfen. Man kann mit ihm immer viel Spaß haben und ihm auch vieles anvertrauen, weil er einfach sehr einfühlsam ist. Er ist ein super ehrgeiziger und disziplinierter Tänzer und man kann wirklich vieles von ihm lernen! Mir hat er als Lehrer schon viel beigebracht, vor allem weil ich nach unseren Stunden gewusst habe, ich will unbedingt weiter tanzen, weil es so viel Spaß gemacht hat!”

  • Sandra MockerSandra MockerErgotherapeutin & Spiraldynamik® – Dozentin

    “Es ist großartig mit einem Tänzer zusammenzuarbeiten, der so viel Begeisterung und Wissen über körpergerechte Bewegung und anatomische Details mitbringt! Gerne empfehle ich Michaels Stunden daher auch meine PatientInnen weiter – die die Kombination von professionellem Tanztraining und der Spiraldynamik sehr schätzen!”

  • Sascha GentSascha GentMember of Dance CharActers

    “Tanzen ist Sport und Kunst gleichzeitig. Jeder Aktive findet seinen ganz eigenen Zugang dazu, der Motivation zur langjährigen Leidenschaft bietet und dabei ist es ganz egal ob diese mehr von Ästhetik und Kunst oder der dahinterstehenden Athletik geprägt ist. Mittlerweile ist es schon über sieben Jahre her, dass ich meinen Weg ins Tanzen gefunden und meine Leidenschaft dafür entdeckt habe. Michi war sicher einer der ausschlaggebendsten Gründe dafür, da er mich stets in meinen eigenen Überzeugungen gestärkt, nie in eine Form gepresst und immer auf meinem Weg unterstützt hat, der mich dort hingeführt hat wo ich heute in der Tanzwelt meinen Platz gefunden habe.”

  • Michael R. HerdlitzkaMichael R. HerdlitzkaDiplom-Tanzsport-Trainer

    “Michael Schmalzbauer habe ich als äußerst zukunftsorientierten und vielseitig interessierten Tanzpädagogen kennengelernt. Selten begegnete mir seinesgleichen mit so breit gefächertem Wissen und ehrlichem Engagement, tänzerische Qualität zu erkennen, zu fördern und weiter zu entwickeln.”

  • Christian HeelChristian HeelFachleitung Spiraldynamik® Akademie Zürich

    “Mein erster Eindruck: Michael ist ein Mensch mit Power und Begeisterung für seine Sache. Und er will es genau wissen. Er ist Feuer und Flamme, die Spiraldynamik® in seine Arbeit als Tanzlehrer und Turniertänzer einzubauen. Es ist ihm ein spürbares Anliegen, sich für die Gesundheit und damit auch nachhaltige Freude am Tanzen seiner Schüler und Schülerinnen einzusetzen.”



  • Gerald Aigner – V-I-P.tvGerald Aigner – V-I-P.tvVideo Imaging Professionals

    “Tanz – ein Wort mit vier Buchstaben, aber unzähligen Facetten. Es ist beeindruckend, mit wie viel Liebe zum Detail Michael dieses Genre beleuchtet, damit umgeht, vor allem aber in seiner Arbeit mit TänzerInnen stets das auf sie abgestimmte Gesamtpaket aus Musikalität, choreographischer Interpretation, Dynamik und Individualität umzusetzen weiß. hat bereits bei zahlreichen Projekten auf Michaels Kooperation und Expertise zurückgreifen dürfen, worauf wir sehr stolz sind!”

  • Barbara Nagode-AmbrozBarbara Nagode-AmbrozAcknowledged expert in Dancesport

    “People enter into our lives with reason, at the right time…
    I met Michael few years ago, he was already coaching dancers at the time. From the very beginning we connected beautifully, due to his enthusiasm and willingness to improve his knowledge and awareness in dance. Wishing him and his students an inspiring further journey!”

  • Anne-Marie Encandre-Lasure & Jeroen LasureAnne-Marie Encandre-Lasure & Jeroen LasureExclusive Wedding Dance

    “Michael ist ein hervorragender Tanzlehrer!
    Ein richtiger Profi der mit Leib und Seele seinen Beruf ausübt. Er kann sich sehr gut auf uns Lernende einstellen und holt das Beste aus uns heraus. Beindruckend sind neben seiner liebenswürdigen Art und Geduld sein Hintergrundwissen und das Beibringen der richtigen Technik. Seine Tanzpaare machen auf diese Weise auf jedem Niveau eine gute Figur. Michi betreut uns von Anfang an und hat mit uns unseren Hochzeitstanz einstudiert, d.h. er hat sich um die richtige Musikstücke gekümmert, um die Choreographie und hat mit uns geübt bis wir es konnten. Für uns war es zuerst eine Herausforderung und dann ein großer Spaß!”

  • Daniela Karner aka Danie CellDaniela Karner aka Danie CellUrban Dance Professional & Performance Artist

    “Michaels und meine gemeinsame Begeisterung für technische Ansätze diversester Tanzsstile hat uns zum Glück viele Berührungspunkte in unseren Karrieren gebracht, sodass wir nun schon oft die Gelegenheit hatten kreativ miteinander zu arbeiten und zu performen. Ob Paartanz, Breakdance, Popping, Locking oder HipHop, Michael erkennt die Essenz hinter allen Tanzstilen und versucht diese immer stilgerecht umzusetzen, ist aber gleichzeitig immer offen für Fusion und Erweiterung der Schritte aller Art. Er respektiert die Arbeit und den Erfolg seiner Kollegen und hat mir immer das Gefühl vermittelt meine Tipps und Hilfestellungen zu meinem Spezialgebiet ernst zu nehmen und versucht diese umzusetzen. Ich schätze Michael nicht nur als Künstler und Tänzer, sondern auch als Freund und Menschen.” (fotocredit:

  • Manuela Waldbauer & Günther WaldbauerManuela Waldbauer & Günther WaldbauerExperienced Social Dancers

    “Michael Schmalzbauer ist ein wahrer Tanzprofi und ein sehr inspirierender Lehrer. Wir schätzen sein klares Feedback. Er erklärt die Technik so, daß Sie für uns auch Sinn macht. Unabhängig davon welchen Level man als Tänzer mitbringt, kann man bei jeder Unterrichtseinheit kontinuierlich etwas lernen. Er erklärt die Dinge in einer Weise, die leicht zu verstehen sind und gibt uns viel Zeit um sein Konzept umzusetzen. Das leichte Tempo war in unserem Fall genau richtig.”

  • Rene StrassnerRene StrassnerUrban Dance Professional & Performance Artist

    “Michael ist ein Tänzer der Perfektion neu definiert. Wenn die Bewegung perfekt ist, versucht er Wege zu finden um diese zu verbessern. So arbeitet er auch mit seinen Schülern. Mit ihm zu performen und zu arbeiten ist ein Genuss an Professionalität. Als Mensch ist Michael sehr zielstrebig, engagiert und ein Freund, auf den man sich verlassen kann.”

  • Christina Hartlieb & Nikolaus HartliebChristina Hartlieb & Nikolaus HartliebExclusive Wedding Dance

    “Wir haben Michi im Rahmen unserer Hochzeitsvorbereitungen kennengelernt – die Chemie hat sofort gestimmt und so hat uns Michi geholfen die perfekte Choreographie zu erstellen! Uns war es sehr wichtig eine personalisierten Hochzeitstanz zu haben – Michi hat unseren Charakter und unsere gemeinsame Geschichte sofort eingefangen und im Tanz umgesetzt. Unsere Gäste waren wirklich mehr als begeistert. Die gemeinsamen Tanzsstunden mit Michi waren nicht nur extrem lehrreich, sondern auch unglaublich lustig und entspannt. Durch seine ruhige und professionelle Art macht das Tanzen und Lernen mit ihm wirklich Spaß! Wir können Michi über alle Maßen weiterempfehlen!”


  • Julia BurghardtJulia BurghardtDancesport Professional & ORF “Dancing Star”

    “Was mich persönlich an Michael beeindruckt ist seine Kreativität, mit wie viel Enthusiasmus er an eine Sache herangeht und wie detailliert er arbeitet. Er besitzt eine unendliche Neugier unbekanntes zu erforschen, was es umso schöner macht mit ihm zusammenarbeiten zu dürfen.”

  • Danilo CampisiDanilo CampisiDancesport Professional & ORF “Dancing Star”
    “Was mir persönlich an der Zusammenarbeit mit Michael gefällt, ist seine Vielfältigkeit. Selten habe ich mit Kollegen kooperiert, die Wissen, Qualität und Leidenschaft so verkörpern können wie Michael es tut. Seit mittlerweile 8 Jahren bilden Michael und ich gemeinsam mit Julia Burghardt das Trainerteam im TSK Schwarz-Weiß Wien und beim auch Projekt “Dancesport School”. Viel konnte ich bereits in menschlicher und professioneller Hinsicht profitieren. Ich wünsche Michael alles Gute für die Zukunft und weitere viele Jahre gemeinsamer Kooperation.”
  • Ani Karadzhiyan & Felix NeidhartAni Karadzhiyan & Felix NeidhartInternational competitive Latin Dancers – Team Austria

    “Michael hat uns von unseren ersten Schritten als Tanzpaar an, über fast 5 Jahre als Trainer, Coach und Ansprechpartner in allen Situationen begleitet und gezeigt, was nötig ist um in diesem Sport durchzustarten. Endloser Wissensdurst, eine Vorliebe für jedes kleinste Detail und eine Affinität für verschiedenste Körperbewegungskonzepte sind nur einige Eigenschaften um ihn zu beschreiben.”

  • Olessya Antochshuk & Erik SteinerOlessya Antochshuk & Erik SteinerMembers of Austrian Dancesport National Team

    “Nowadays to find a good coach, who will be always there for you is pretty hard. Who helps you without any questions, supports you with everything you start or try to start, who is honest and authentic. And we found you, Michi. For us you are not just a good coach but you are a great person as well. Because you have bright aura, positive energy and good influence on us. We appreciate what you do for us as a coach and as our friend!”

  • Magdalena Bartolovic – Mikic & Igor BartolovicMagdalena Bartolovic – Mikic & Igor BartolovicExclusive Wedding Dance

    “Uns hat deine Unterstützung sehr viel geholfen. Du hast uns eine wunderschöne Choreographie zusammengestellt, bist auf unsere Wünsche eingegangen und hast uns Tipps für die Umsetzung gegeben. Die Stunden waren sehr angenehm und haben uns ein Gefühl der Sicherheit gegeben! Man hatte richtig das Gefühl, dass du voll und ganz dabei bist und dir auch viele Gedanken über diesen Tanz gemacht hast! Dank dir hatten wir einen atemberaubenden Hochzeitstanz! Danke!”

  • Alexandra Neagu & Alin NeaguAlexandra Neagu & Alin NeaguExclusive Wedding Dance

    “Michael was introduced to us by our dance teacher at that time. We were a bit skeptical at the beginning, because we really liked our teacher, but unfortunately he did not have the time to help us with the choreography for our wedding and suggested that Michael is better suited for the job.”

    Read more…

    Alexandra Neagu & Alin Neagu
    “Michael was introduced to us by our dance teacher at that time. We were a bit skeptical at the beginning, because we really liked our teacher, but unfortunately he did not have the time to help us with the choreography for our wedding and suggested that Michael is better suited for the job.”

    “I still remember my dilemma when first writing to him: should I address him “Dear Mister”? I decided to set up the grounds I would like with our future choreographer, so I simply started with “Hallo Michael”. I must admit his very friendly answer to that surprised us, as did our first meeting, when we discovered an open person, full of ideas and positive energy. He asked us about our expectations and our story together and you could already see that the dance was taking shape in his head.”

    “He was the one suggesting us to make a mix of songs, of which he himself took care and prepared, partially with the songs we have suggested, but also with a proposal of his own, which we embraced and up to the present day call “our song” whenever we hear it at other events. Michael took good care of us, was patient and positive, adapting the choreography to our possibilities, he was filming us at the end of each session to be able to see the progress. After all this time, more than two years, I still remember the enthusiasm we had before every dance lesson, the creativity Michael proved with every session, the styling suggestions, the good mood. We prepared around 4 minutes of dance, with four different styles.”

    “Michael said that our guests will be bored, but they were thrilled. We also prepared a salsa surprise for them, a 1.5min dance which we assembled in 3 sessions. We were extremely content with the quality and are very thankful for the result. The happy memories pop back each time we see the movie. Many thanks once again, Michael! You are a strong, inspiring person! It was really a pleasure to have you on our side for one of the happiest moments of our lives.”



This variety of projects is a result of my collaboration with different people and the strive to learn and experience ideas and attitudes, as well as develop sustainable tools.

Here you will not only find the Download section of this website, but also learn a lot about my attitude to books, reading, and life-long self-improvement.

Further, I offer assistance with the preparation of your scientific papers, such as publications, dissertations, or academic research projects. Just contact me by e-mail at  or by phone / sms at +43 676 490 80 83.

Upon request, I can review your manuscript or lengthy text sample, and make you a written offer for a detailed editing and proofreading. Please, send the information as a Word .doc file, if possible.

I proofread and edit texts on topics, whose vocabulary I am familiar with. Any other writings from scientific fields with which I am not acquainted in depth during my formal training or self-education, I may review in exceptional cases.

The fee for proofreading is calculated on the basis of standard pages, one standard page comprising 1,500 characters, including spaces. The final price depends on the complexity of the topic and the invested efforts on my side. Still, I will not check your work for plagiarism.

Find Out More  

Dancesport School – the „other“ way of learning DanceSport

Dancesport School is an independent project, founded in 2010. This is a special method of training and learning DanceSport (both, Standard and Latin).  DSS offers an extensive range of sport activities through workshops with various profiles (e.g. DSS, DSS Seniors, DSS Ladies only etc.).

The goal of the DSS team, Julia Burghardt, Michael Schmalzbauer, and the founder Danilo Campisi, is to offer the “students” a contemporary, qualitative, and scientifically-oriented training in areas, which directly or indirectly influence their performance in DanceSport. Therefore, the professional exchange within the trainer team, as well as an ongoing orientation towards world-famous dancers, experts, and trends, are an indispensable part of the DSS project.

The DSS motto the “other” way stands for the individual development of each dancer. This is achieved through focus on the required sport-specific profile. A measurable progress of the performance level is demonstrated, by using scientific methods. With the help of an “academic” structure, the “students” are mentally and physically well-prepared for their upcoming competitions and, as a result, improve their performances and ranking.

The newly-acquired knowledge is reaffirmed through the so-called “expert talks” held at the end of each DSS season. Within this framework, a theoretical and practical knowledge review of the contents is held, in which the “students” demonstrate the information and skills, they learned throughout the season. If the presentation is successful, the “student” receives a diploma, as well as the opportunity to benefit from various bonuses (e.g. free private lessons, free DSS participation in the following year etc.) according to a specially-developed system.

The annual curriculum is based on the official evaluation system “Judging System 3.0 of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)” with its 4 judging components”: Technical Quality, Movement to Music, Partnering Skills, Choreography & Presentation.

The contents concept combines theoretical lectures and practical units (discipline-specific group lessons), as well as supplementary units in the field of sports psychology, training science, biomechanics, competition strategy, and the comparison of different DanceSport techniques (e.g. Walter Laird Technique and WDSF Technique Books).

Furthermore, lectures by the founder of the “Institute of Healthy Life” (IGL) and member of the Medical Commission of the WDSF – Dr. Thomas Quinton cover medical contents, such as anatomy, physiology, and methods of regeneration, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

The cooperation with outside DanceSport trainers and specialists with other competencies is presented in the module “The Expert Speaks”, as well as with successful athletes in the module “The Champion Speaks”. These special modules enable the “students” to gain insight into other kinds of sports and the lives of famous athletes.

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Mobius Kinetics is a multidimensional movement analysis system, which strives to adapt and describe the changes of time and location for the corresponding expression in dancing, on the basis of the naturally-aesthetic movement of man, with the help of scientific, anthropometric, philosophical, somatic, and energetic laws.

The Möbiusband, as a mathematical and energetic structure, allows an abstract logical description of the human movement quality, and combines my personal ideas and vision with regard to an efficient execution. My passionate research of historical, specialized, and biographical books on the subject of dance and movement, as well as the access to literature on complementary topics like natural sciences and humanities, philosophy and pedagogics, characterize both – my professional aspiration to a steady continuing education, and my hobby to build up my personal dance library.

Motto: Scientific and philosophical curiosity combined with imagination and creativity.

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What does “Dance CharActers” stand for?

The name “Dance CharActers” represents the individual and unique quality of movement and embodies the very being of each and every one of its members. It is both a gift and an incredible enrichment for the entire ensemble that every dancer can bring in their own personality, style and character without any limitations, in their genuine form.

What is the goal of “Dance CharActers”?

The goal is to touch and capture the audience with the acquired dancer and artistic skills, always presented in the form of group-specific dance shows with various topics and a focus on Latin-American movement patterns.

No Dance without Character“

What makes “Dance CharActers” unique?

Our common path encompasses a kind of interdisciplinary dance and artistic education on the basis of Latin-American rhythms combined with different dance styles, arranged in an innovative way and introduced to the audience in an artistic manner through the complete form of a dance show. Thus, traditional couple and formation dancing becomes more lively, approachable, and close to the observer.

How professional is the concept “Dance CharActers”?

The concept prioritizes the acquisition of a certain degree of social competence and, indirectly, personality development, as well as the appropriation of multi-layered dancer and artistic qualities, to be “invested” in the individual and professional expression of each member and their presentation. In addition, it brings health benefits to its members in the form of a relevant physical condition level necessary to achieve quality and aesthetics of movement.

How does “Dance CharActers” relate to competition dancing and entertainment?

The team maintains an image independent of competitive dancing. The individual possibility to express oneself through unregulated group choreographies defines a performance exclusively “ruled” by external confirmation or a title acquired thereby. “Dance CharActers” measures its success and enjoyment through the satisfaction of the client / event organizer, as well as the enthusiastic applause of its audience.

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All 3-dimensional human movement principles, as they are used in the individual dance techniques, are described clearly and pragmatically by the concept of Spiraldynamik®. It combines the aspects, functional aesthetics, design and expression, as well as preventative healthcare benefits, in a biomechanically reproducible way.

Based on the therapy and movement concept, the principle of the helix is at the center of its evolutionary and scientific mechanical approach. The wave principle embodies the temporal aspect – rhythm, frequency, and amplitude of the oscillating 8th-movements which emanate from impulse centers. Leading concepts are the bipolarity, the uprightness, the vault and the spiral principles. The movement pattern produces as a result, leads not only to structural health and muscular tension balance, but ultimately is the key to expression and aesthetics.

Intelligent movement is a consequence of the intelligence of the anatomical body construction

Just like in the tuning of an instrument, a specific biomechanical change is required. An increasingly subtle structural change – the anatomy determines the technique, not the other way round – makes it possible to understand how different body parts behave and move in relation to one another. All elements can be combined in one dynamic unit. Angle poses, lever arms, acceleration forces and transfer of the center of gravity are scientifically optimized during a movement.

A work of art is aesthetic, as a perfect unity of contents and shape.

It is my goal to integrate these concepts in couple dancing (DanceSport), as a part of my Spiraldynamik® training.

  • Clear presentation and description of mechanical movement principles
  • Training of reproducible systematic movement sequences
  • From the “natural” through the efficient movement to design and expression
  • Development of movement standards
  • Influence of Spiraldynamik® principles in other aspects of couple dancing

During and after the dance career:

  • Implement preventive healthcare
  • Prevent structural wear-off
  • Avoid incorrect alignment through bad weight distribution
  • Oppose movement inefficiency
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Shorten regeneration times

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Step by step with love towards happiness … “One has to dance life.” – Friedrich Nietzsche



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